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Okay so I’ve been back and forth on the Market Bag…The one mentioned in the previous post didn’t work out. I have no idea what I did wrong…so I went in search of other patterns. I have found something I like but I’m using it as inspiration and doing my own thing! For The First Time Ever! Love those “first” moments.

But I thought I’d share most of my previous works. Yes! I’ve actually finished things! (Crazy, I know, but it is true and I have photographic evidence!) 🙂

This is my yarn life!

My firsts on a loom

My first project ever. A scarf and hat made on a knifty knitter round and long loom. Looms are awesome for simple projects, you can whip up a scarf or hat in no time at all. Unfortunately, they are a bit limited, but if you visit the purling sprite, she has a ton of great ideas for patterns and various stitches.

Sassy scarf

My first knitting needles project: a drop stitch scarf in Noro yarn. I. Love. Noro. The color changes is so fun. (I’ll let you in on a secret…my new bag will be made with Noro yarn…shhhhh) Drop stitch is super quick, and what better way to show off those colors than with a scarf!

Knitted sackboy and Olivia

So I guess I’m going to keep with the theme of Firsts! So…this is my first…complicated project? My first softie? My first time using “saftey eyes”? LOL. I had to make numerous copies of his hands, it looked like some sort of weird chop shop. Pattern

Another sackboy but this one is crocheted

This is my first crocheted project. (I know I just dove right in…it wasn’t easy.) I am definitely a fan of crocheted softies. Pattern

My first yarn bomb

This was done last week for International Yarn Bombing Day. I’m fine with yarn bombs as long as they aren’t destructive or left up too long (yarn breaks down and starts to look gross).

Okay I think I’m done with “firsts”.

Crochet sandman doll

My sister is really into Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. So I made her this for her birthday. Now I have to make the others, apparently 🙂

Crochet chococat

One of my close friends and I love Hello Kitty. So I made her a little crocheted Chococat.

Another drop stitch scarf

This time with much thicker yarn.

Flower headband


Crochet coaster more to come

So that’s it. That’s almost everything I’ve done. There are a couple of other things, which I’m saving for when I open my Etsy shop.

So hope you enjoy and if you need any tips/pointers/patterns, let me know.


guess what I’m making now!

I decided to put all those other projects on hold.


Who knows.

What I do know is that it is finally SPRING! Which means that farmer markets are going to get rolling. And how can I shop at the fm if I don’t have a beautiful new bag to put my purchases in?

So I have been working on that. It is taking FOR-EV-ER. All those chains…I tried to knit one and kept failing. I seem to do better with crochet…or maybe I’m just that out of practice with knitting. 😦  Anyway, I’ll have pictures of the bag soon…as long as I don’t see any new shiny things.

I taught myself tunisian crochet!

Unfortunately, my first project incorporating this new knowledge…didn’t turn out quite right. Somewhere along the middle I increased my tension and so my panel is wide on the ends and thinner in the middle. I have no idea how to fix this…so it’s basically back to the drawing board.

Le Sigh.

On a more upbeat note:  TC is really easy! (Seriously buy yourself a TC/Afghan hook and YouTube it) The only difficult part is multiple color changing midway through a pass…Oh and weaving in ALL those ends! I felt like I was never going to get done! Also, I’m glad that I learned this lesson on a small scale project. I plan on doing a blanket soon and I would have been eating-out-of-the-ice-cream-container-upset if I realized halfway through that my tension was off!

Once I get over my disappointment and terrible sleep schedule I’ll give my tc kindle cozy another try.

I love organization

Almost too much.

My fiance mocks me because our board game pieces are all in tiny food containers or zip lock bags for jewelry and they have to be specific. I love storage solutions. LOVE.

It gives me control in this crazy world of stuff.

Maybe I should just have less stuff…?

Or a place to store that stuff!

Like this diy storage:


I think it would be a fantastic way to store all my yarn and various other knitty/crochety type things!


Projects projects

Maybe it’s that short attention span thing from childhood, I was never really one to keep at it…ballet, piano, flute, choir, painting, college majors…the list goes on.

I’m flighty.

It’s amazing really that my fiance doesn’t kill me. One week I collect plastic bags in hopes of fusing them and the next I’m making organizers for our games and half way through that I’m taking a jewelry class. I just want to do it all, but never really finish. I see something else shiny and I want to do that!

And I swear half of my laptop’s space is reserved for “Someday I’ll knit/crochet this!” as well as a large part of our apartment.

I can’t help it! I have a sickness!

So I really (REALLY) have to force myself to finish up projects.

But these are things that are either in progress or on the to-do soon list:

So these are things you get to look forward to…


Adventures in the world of yarn

It all started with a knifty knitter my mom got me for my birthday…

No, wait…it all started with a woman knitting in class…

No, that’s not right…it all started with my grandmother…

Yeah, my grandmother. She lived in Michigan. My parents and I on the other hand were on the lam. Just kidding. My father was in the army and he was stationed in Huntsville, Al. So I only got to see her once every few years. She was a crocheter and a cross stitcher. She would whip up a doll’s dress in a matter of minutes, not even looking at her hands! (Not to mention she made the best mulberry pies ever). She tried to get me into cross stitch, but I really had no patience for it. I would have much rather had some crayolas and a sheet of paper. She passed away when I was 11, with her mulberry pie recipe and secrets to crocheting.

So fast forward to my college years. I’m in class and there is a woman knitting. And wow! She could just go. She’d have a whole scarf or hat done by the end of a lecture. And again, barely paid attention to what she was doing with her hands. I was in awe, not to mention the nostalgia for my grandmother came creeping in. So I marched down to Micheal’s and bought a “I learned how to crochet” book. And failed. I could not understand what this book was asking me to do. I just couldn’t get it. So I went back to Micheal’s and bought the knitter’s version. Again fail. I set both things aside and moved on to simpler things…like calculus.

So fast forward to 2 years ago. It’s my birthday and mom has decided to get me a Knifty Knitter (aka loom knitter), something to do with someone from her church’s daughter loving it. (Also note that I had seen this contraption in my apartment, my roommate’s girlfriend did this.) So I thought, sure I’ll give it a try. And hey! I got it. It made sense. All was good with the world. And with the invention of YouTube and well, internet overall, I learned a bunch of other stitches one could do with a loom. I made a hat and scarf and a panel of an afghan. It was wonderful.

But then I noticed a trend. Every knifty knitter blog I followed…they had given up on the kk and moved on to knitting. Evil. Evil. Knitting. And the things they were making! I was jealous and bored (retail leaves one to have more free time in the months after Christmas). So I got a pair of needles, some yarn and watched some YouTube videos. I did a swatch of various stitches and was so proud of myself! Here I was, overcoming something that I thought I would never be able to do, unlike Chemistry…Evil. Evil. Chemistry.


Until, wait, what are this cute amigurumi things? Crochet? Ok…off to the local yarn store (gotta support the local gals, well some of ’em…that’s another story) And bam! (Thank you internet) I can crochet too.

So that’s my journey into the world of fiber crafts. I mean until I get enough money for a spinning machine…and some sheep 😉

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