Nothing to do with fiber

I just wanted to share my favorite cookie recipe

Smitten Kitchen’s Crisp Salted Oatmeal Cookie

Seriously the best thing ever. I like to add dried cranberries or cherries and a little more salt on top.

What is your favorite cookie recipe, dear reader?

The more you know

Things you should know about me: I love to learn new things. Or as some people call it I’m flaky.

So today I’m perusing the interwebs in search of felting techniques. (I’m planning my first felting project for my latest swap: Alice in Wonderland.) I’m looking up yarns and I come across this forum on Cascade 220 vs superwash and someone mentions that with the superwash she can’t felt ends together. Someone else suggests the “Russian join”. So I go and look this is up (as a user of acrylic yarn for my ami’s this interests me). And I’m watching (and learning) and all I can think of is…Where do people come up with stuff like this?! I mean tying knots is one thing, coming up with the idea to just take two pieces of yarn, essentially thread them through each other to make an invisible join? Crazy.

Seriously, I mean just think about it. All the things that we do, all the things that our ancestors did, how?

Somewhere down the line, someone took some wool or cotton or fur or whatever, turned it into strings and wove those strings into cloth. It seriously boggles my mind.

So Russian join looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it on a future project! Now back to those felting tutorials 😛